Shoreline of Lake Ontario in Grimsby Ontario - July 18, 2020

Short-Term and Long-Term Strategy - For Evaluating and Improving the Rules for Managing Releases from Lakes Ontario and Superior


This paper describes a flexible strategy developed by the GLAM Committee for the on-going evaluation and improvement of the regulation plans through the use of adaptive management. Adaptive management is a structured, iterative cycle for improving actions through long-term monitoring, modelling, and assessment. The GLAM Committee is responsible for implementing many components of the adaptive management cycle, including providing scientifically sound data, knowledge, and technologically advanced tools for supporting management decisions. Based on the information and tools provided by the GLAM Committee, the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board and the International Lake Superior Board of Control may recommend to the IJC that revisions to the regulation plans be made. The IJC, with public input and government concurrence, will decide whether to modify the regulation plans.

Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management Committee