The overall objective of the GLAM Committee is to provide information to the Boards regarding the effects that the structures approved in the Commission’s Orders of Approval and Directives have on levels and flows in boundary waters and the impacts these have on the affected interests.  This includes the on going review and evaluation of  regulation plans related to (a) the effectiveness of the existing regulation plans in managing water levels and flows in the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system and the outflows of Lake Superior; (b) examining how the system may be changing over time and whether any modifications to the regulation plan may be warranted to address what is learned over time including emerging issues and/or to address changing conditions; and (c) any other questions requested by the Boards and/or IJC that may affect the Boards’ water management decisions over the long term. This GLAM Committee will undertake specific tasks to review and evaluate the regulation plans over time, focusing on mid-term to long term assessments and not within-year decisions. 

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