Report - 2017 High Water Impacts Research on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River – Municipal and Industrial Users


The IJC’s Great Lakes - St Lawrence River Adaptive Management (GLAM) Committee has prepared a review of impacts across all sectors that were affected by high water levels in 2017 as well as an assessment of how the regulation of outflows from Lake Ontario impacted levels throughout the system, available here. Based on the availability of impact information for the GLAM Committee’s report on 2017 conditions, the need for additional data collection was identified for a number of sectors. The GLAM Committee retained LURA Consulting to gather relevant information about 2017 high water impacts through surveys for two target groups: 1) recreational boating interests (marinas and yacht clubs), and 2) municipal water and wastewater operators and industrial facilities on the shorelines of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River (downstream to Trois-Riviere).

Listen Understand Relate Advance (LURA)