Now Online: 2024 Great Lakes Regional Poll

It only takes 15 minutes to complete the latest online poll about issues related to the Great Lakes and water quality.

Share your thoughts about drinking water, the overall health of the Great Lakes, how you think the lakes should be protected and more. The online poll is below, or you can click this link to take the poll.

The online poll is open until March 15. Your responses will be kept in strict confidence, but there is an option at the end to share your contact information if you would like to be part of a focus group.

This 2024 poll is the board’s fourth, with prior polls conducted in 2015, 2018 and 2021. This year’s poll repeats several previous questions to track trends.

Questions also include whether your drinking water, recreational activities, or fish consumption have been impacted by concerns about water quality, and also ask your opinions on potential impacts of climate change, invasive species, industry and household or commercial activities on the Great Lakes and their watershed.

This online poll is complementary to the board’s latest telephone poll, which began collecting responses earlier in February 2024 and is designed to be statistically valid and representative of public opinion in the region. 

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