Extension Granted for the Souris River Study


The International Souris River Study Board (ISRSB) has received a 12-month extension to submit its report to the International Joint Commission (IJC) investigating the operating plan for the dams as prescribed in the 1989 International Agreement for Water Supply and Flood Control in the Souris River Basin.

The extension ensures adequate time and consideration will be given to ongoing stakeholder, agency and Indigenous engagement, and to ensure that a high quality, and fully reviewed study report will be produced that meets the objectives specified in the governments’ original reference .   

With the extension granted, the Study Board plans to submit its final recommendations to the IJC in January 2021.  As the Study Board continues to investigate operating alternatives, there will be opportunities for the public to engage via workshops and webinars and the Study Board will seek public comment on its final report before submitting it to the IJC.   The IJC will review the final recommendations of the Study Board and consult with stakeholders in the basin before finalizing their recommendations to governments for their consideration.

The ISRSB was established by the IJC in 2017 at the request of the US and Canadian governments to review the operating plan on water supply and flood control in the Souris River Basin. Canadian agencies involved in the ISRB and ISRSB include Environment and Climate Change Canada, Manitoba Sustainable Development, and Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. United States agencies include the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, North Dakota State Water Commission, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, and North Dakota Department of Health.


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Bruce Davison, Canadian Study Manager, International Souris River Study Board
Phone: 306-975-5788 Email: bruce.davison@canada.ca

Gregg Wiche, US Study Manager, International Souris River Study Board
Phone: 701-250-7433 Email: gwiche@usgs.gov