2013 Public Consultation on Plan of Study


The International Souris River Board invited public comment on a Plan of Study for the review of the water supply and flood operating plan contained in the 1989 Canada-United States Agreement for Water Supply and Flood Control in the Souris River Basin.

A periodic review of the operating plan is required under the 1989 agreement. However due to unprecedented flooding in the Souris River basin in 2011, basin residents have asked that additional flood protection measures be evaluated beyond what is currently provided under the 1989 agreement.

In February 2012, the ISRB appointed the Souris River Basin Task Force to review the operating plan contained in Annex A of the 1989 agreement and appointed members from federal, state, provincial and local agencies. The plan of study developed by the task force describes studies that are needed to review the operation of the reservoirs covered by the 1989 agreement and consider additional structural and non-structural measures that could be taken to reduce flooding impacts and improve  water supply in the basin.

Members of the public were invited to view a presentation on the plan of study and provide comments at the following public meetings and webinar:

Public Meeting                                                             Webinar

Wednesday, March 20, 2013                               Tuesday, March 26, 2013
2:30 p.m. CDT                                                      7:00 p.m. CDT
Grand International Hotel                                      Presentation
1505 North Broadway
Minot, ND 58703

Written comments were received by April 4, 2013. Comments were submitted on-line or at either of the following addresses:

Mr. Girma Sahlu                                                 Mr. Bob White

ISRB Secretary                                                    ISRB Secretary
Environment Canada                                           North Dakota State Water Commission
Park Plaza, Room 300                                        900 East Boulevard Avenue, Dept 770
2365 Albert Street Regina, SK S4P 4K1             Bismarck, ND 58505-0850

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The ISRB was established by the International Joint Commission (IJC) to ensure a more ecosystemic approach to transboundary water issues, compliance with measures for apportionment of river flows, oversight of flood operations, and assisting the IJC with preventing and resolving transboundary disputes.

Comments received online:

Full Name: David W. Ashley, Chairman Souris River Joint Board
City, State/Province: Velva, North Dakota
Subject: Plan of Study
While working on our study I have traveled the Souris Basin extensiveley and attended all of the public meetings that have been held to address any solutions of the impacts of the flood event of 2011, both urban and rural. In working in close concert with the North Dakota State Water Commission and our engineering teams it was apparent the we needed to be extremely thorough in our study do to the diversity of the basin. We would of done a serious injustice to the basin if we would selected one or two areas to represent the rural areas and the same approach for the urban areas, it simply would of left to many stones unturned and I feel that the same should apply to the areas in Canada. It is with this knowledge of the diversity of Souris Basin that has been gained that we feel it imparitive that the optimal approach to the scope of work be utilized.
The Souris River Joint Board and the North Dakota State Water Commission along with our engineering teams have compiled a wealth of information and data that we are ready and willing to share in order to be of assitance in your studies if you so desire. Please go to our website, www.mouseriverplan.com, that you reference in your Plan of Study and review our engineering plans for municipalities and the preliminary report on the rural reaches aspects of our study to get an overview of the work that has been done.
If I can be of any assitance please contact me.
David Ashley
Chairman SRJB


Full Name: Paul Engeldinger
City, State/Province: Burlington, ND
Subject: Souris/Mouse River management
Over the years, and now most recently, I have become confused, disillusioned and now very angry that the retention of large amounts of water at the multiple dams is more in line with the protection of "fish and ducks" and the allure of "lake shore property" than it is with protecting lives and property from devastating floods. I am not alone in this view. If you err it should be on the side of safety. The fact that "water" causes more damage than any other natural disaster does not seem to make any difference in making the wise decision(s) for flood prevention. This "1 in 10" is a numbers game for gamblers. Quit gambling with our lives. How many of you actually have "skin in the game"? I would venture a guess that most of you do not, or if you do you have more than adequate resources to cover the loss. Please move quickly, all of you, and do the right thing in protecting all of us down stream.


Full Name: pat ryan
City, State/Province: minot,nd
Subject: Lake Darling Dam
I cannot believe there is so little mention of raising Lake Darling dam . There is actually no public discussion of the subject that I am aware of. To me it is an absolute no brainer. It should be raised 10 feet. You could then forget about Souris River channeling, new diking, green zones and all the other crap that’s out there. Put a boat in at the dam and take it as far North as you can. Raising the dam 10 feet would not destroy 20 acres of crop land the entire distance. Prove me wrong Pat