Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin - Background Report


The purpose of this document is to compile unbiased background information about nuclear energy production, the nuclear regulators, the decommissioning process, radioactive waste management, and status of the nuclear power facilities in the Great Lakes basin.

The background report is also accompanied by a GIS Story Map.

This informational report is the first phase of the Great Lakes Water Quality Board’s two-year project on Decommissioning Practices of Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin. This informational report, along with a consultant’s report and outcomes of an expert workshop, will be used by the board to develop advice and recommendations to the Commission on actions the governments could take to reduce or eliminate threats to the Great Lakes from the potential release of radioactive contaminants as a result of decommissioning.

This project is expected to be completed in fall 2020.

Correction Note (June 3, 2020): Table 4-4 (pg. 53) was updated to correct a copying error of the mass values.