Assessment and public outreach of low water level impacts on fish community and aquatic habitat in Lake St. Lawrence


This project seeks to address these concerns by conducting a comprehensive scientific review of the life histories and critical habitat of all known fish species inhabiting Lake St. Lawrence (Iroquois Dam to Moses-Saunders Dam). Historically low 2018 water levels in Lake St. Lawrence have prompted concerns that fish populations and habitat may be locally impacted. Long-term residents of the Long Sault area have indicated that low water levels have exposed an unprecedented area of river bottom that has been affecting both boat navigation and recreational fisheries. Residents have also voiced concerns over the short and long term impacts to fish populations and the health of the ecosystem.

Overall this project represents an important opportunity to address public concerns about the local ecological effects of Plan 2014 on Lake St. Lawrence, while building an important dataset that can help guide water level management policies

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences