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    Lake Champlain - Richelieu River Virtual Public Meetings

    The International Lake Champlain - Richelieu River Study Board will be holding virtual public meetings on September 30th in English and on September 29th in French from 10 am to 11:30 am and from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

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    Great Lakes Diversions

    The major diversions in the Great Lakes basin that affect water levels are diversions into Lake Superior at Long Lac and Ogoki, the Chicago diversion out of Lake Michigan and a diversion between lakes Erie and Ontario through the Welland Canal.

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International Watersheds Initiative


Transboundary Waters

Transboundary Watersheds

Select a watershed (basin) within the map below to learn more about the IJC’s water-related activities.

St. Mary Canal Update

The St. Mary and Milk Rivers, located in Montana and Alberta, are connected by a canal to benefit water users in both countries. On May 17 a concrete drop structure collapsed on the canal stopping flows from the St. Mary from reaching the Milk River. Repair work got underway June 17 and will continue through the summer. The Province of Alberta is posting updates on the situation online.