You’re invited to comment on latest Air Quality Agreement Progress Report

IJC staff
April 08, 2013
Air Quality Agreement Progress Report 2012 cover

The 2012 Progress Report, prepared by the bilateral Air Quality Committee, is the 11th biennial report completed under the 1991 United States–Canada Air Quality Agreement. Under the Agreement, the IJC is inviting public comment until Sept. 27.

The report summarizes key actions undertaken by the U.S. and Canada in the last two years to address transboundary air pollution within the context of the Agreement, as required under Article VIII. The report also presents progress made toward meeting the commitments established in the Acid Rain and Ozone Annexes of the Agreement, and key scientific and technical trends related to air pollution.

As of 2010, Canada's total emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2) have decreased by 57 percent from 1990 levels, according to the report (pdf). Meanwhile, the U.S. has reduced total sulphur dioxide emissions from covered sources by 67 percent from 1990 emission levels.

Fig 1 - Total Canadian Emissions of SO2, from the 2012 Progress Report.

Between 2000 and 2010, Canada also reduced total emissions of nitrogen oxides by 40 percent in the transboundary ozone region, while U.S. total nitrogen oxide emissions decreased by 42 percent in the region.

To prepare this report, the Canada-U.S. Air Quality Committee took into consideration the public comments received by the IJC regarding an earlier 2010 Progress Report. Those comments expressed support for the Agreement and its success in fostering cooperation on transboundary air pollution control, and satisfaction with the progress made by both countries in reducing emissions of pollutants that cause acid rain and contribute to smog formation.

Under the Air Quality Agreement, the IJC provides a synthesis of comments to the governments of Canada and the United States to assist them with implementing the Agreement. A synthesis of those earlier comments can be found on the IJC website (pdf).

The IJC invites you to send written comments on the latest 2012 report until Sept. 27, 2013.

You may submit comments online via this link.

Or, you may submit comments by mail at either address below:

Secretary, Canadian Section
International Joint Commission
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Ottawa, Ontario KIP 6K6

Secretary, United States Section
International Joint Commission
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