1993-95 Priorities and Progress Under the Great Lakes Water Quaity Agreement - Chapter 1


The Water Quality Board, as a participant in the development and execution of the 1993-95 Great Lakes Priorities of the International Joint
Commission, had direct involvement in the pollution prevention, pulp and paper, groundwater and pesticides issues described in this
chapter. In addition, the Board provided the Canadian Co-Chair for the Lake Erie Task Force as well as a representative to the Indicators
for Evaluation Task Force and to the Annex 2 (RAPs/LaMPs) Steering Committee.
Assigned Board members also provided substantive comment on the Decisionmaking with Limited Information and the Parties Toxic
Reduction Program priorities under a Science Advisory Board lead.
What follows is an overview of the four priorities in which the Board had a leadership role: 1) pollution prevention; 2) pulp and paper; 3)
pesticides; and 4) groundwater.