International St. Croix Watershed Board

A Tool for Understanding Likely Fish passage and Harvest Management Outcomes for Alewife on the St. Croix River

The board  intends to incorporate recently developed alewife population models into a user friendly, plain language tool depicting the theoretical outcomes of: i) changes in fish passage and ii) commercial harvest to alewife runs in the St. Croix River.  The end-product will be a graphic web-based application that can inform future management scenarios by providing a clear communication platform to weigh the theoretical pros and cons of specific options.  This project will use outcome assessment informed by the best available science, decisions, and the decision-making process, and will both actively involve and be communicated to both partners and stakeholders.


Supporting Alewife Restoration in the St. Croix River Watershed - Anadromous Fish Counts at Milltown Dam

This project continues to enumerate all anadromous fish entering the St. Croix River at the lowermost (Milltown) dam. The project forms the basis for measuring progress of current international efforts to restore sea-run alewife, blueback herring and American shad to the watershed, as well as plays an important role in supporting and validating recent alewife population dynamics models being developed to support alewife restoration planning.  The project will provide these counts and other biological data to agencies, legislators, and involved parties to support evolving restoration plans.