International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board

Objectives and Alert Levels in the Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin

This project will develop water quality and aquatic ecosystem health Objectives and Alert Levels for the Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin.  This project will assist the Board in fulfilling its Directives to review, recommend, establish, and monitor and report on water quality and aquatic ecosystem health Objectives for boundary waters and Alerts Levels in the Rainy-Lake of the Woods Basin.

Project WET inclusion in Minnesota School Curriculum

This is for the first phase of a project to use Project WET* tools to bring news and activities of the International Rainy Lake of the Woods Watershed to schools in the basin.  In this phase, the Board will develop a Kindergarten to Grade 12 cross reference guide, matching Minnesota state curriculum to compliment Project WET modules that can be used to communicate watershed news to area schoolchildren. This guide will compliment an existing Ontario curriculum – Project WET cross-reference guide. This project will assist in the Board’s mandate to explore and encourage the development of local and regional capacity to prevent and solve problems locally. It will enable residents of the Lake of the Woods and Rainy River watershed to develop knowledge and skills necessary to address needs and expectations related to relevant water quality and water quantity issues for the basin.

*Project WET 2.0 ( is a fun, hands-on, inquiry learning based, water education program for formal and non-formal educators of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.  It is designed to supplement the existing provincial, territorial and state curricula and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.  The program offers both a Curriculum and Activities Guide, and professional development certification workshops for educators.  In Canada, the Project WET curriculum guide compliments the existing Ontario curriculum, and allows for locally relevant content to be incorporated into lesson plans and activities wherever appropriate.  More detailed information on Project WET can be found in the attached document, “Project WET Foundation.docx”.