The CCGF Pilot Project

Image of thunderstorm over homes

The Climate Change Guidance Framework (CCGF) has been tested with the IJC boards through an ongoing “Pilot Project” process. This involves IJC Boards completing the steps of the framework and has been broken into the “horizontal pilot” and the “vertical pilot”. The horizontal pilot is the process by which boards complete only the first step (Organize) of the 4 step framework. The vertical pilot is the process by which boards complete all four steps of the framework (organize, analyze, act update).  As of summer 2018, the pilot project is ongoing. The 2017 pilot effort included 10 boards completing the horizontal pilot and one board (the St. Croix watershed Board) completing the vertical pilot. This effort was outlined and summarized in the October 2017 Climate Change Pilot Project report and a short presentation is available below: