Community Advisory Group

A group of members from communities across the Rainy Lake of the Woods Watershed who advise the IRLWWB and assist in engaging the public.

Community Advisory Group meeting summaries.

Community Advisory Group Terms of Reference.


Doug FranchotCAG Co-Chair; board member   
Jerry Caplelocal memberGrand MaraisMNRainy Headwaters
John Carlsonlocal memberInternational FallsMNLower Rainy
Reid Carronlocal memberElyMNRainy Headwaters
Matthew Gouinboard memberInternational FallsMNSeine River-Rainy Lake
Al Pembertonboard memberRed LakeMNLake of the Woods
Pam Tomeviboard memberInternational FallsMNLake of the Woods
Joshua Jonesalternate (Pemberton)Red LakeMNLake of the Woods


Matt MyersCAG Co-Chair; board memberFort FrancesON 
Paul Andersonlocal memberFort FrancesONSeine River-Rainy Lake
Tom Mosindylocal memberKenoraONLake of the Woods
Diane Schwartz-Williamslocal memberKeewatinONLake of the Woods
Karen Cederwallboard memberKenoraONLake of the Woods
Brian Perraultboard member  Seine River-Rainy Lake
Todd Sellersboard memberMinakiONLake of the Woods
Lucas Kingboard memberWinnipegMBSeine River-Rainy Lake