Water level notices

As per the current Order, the Water Levels Committee monitors hydrologic conditions and may provide the Companies with directions for the operation of their discharge facilities at Namakan Lake and Rainy River. Below are directions and updates provided by the Water Levels Committee.

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To remain within the rule curves, Rainy Lake outflow has increased the past few weeks. Outflow from Rainy Lake increased to ~200 cms (~7,060 cfs) on January 16th. This increase is temporary and will be reduced to ~160 cms (~5,650 cfs) on January 20th to maintain Rainy Lake levels within the middle band of the rule curves. Increased flow to Rainy River has the potential to increase the amount of slush or water on the ice, which can make the surface more difficult or dangerous to use.

The Water Levels Committee encourages everyone to be extra cautious when near or on the ice, especially when there are fluctuations in temperatures and changes in water flows or levels. Information on ice safety is available on the Minnesota DNR website.

minor and short duration breach in Rainy Lake’s minimum flow occurred the morning of December 12. Operators were diligent to correct the outflow and no downstream impacts were observed.

Water level targets for Rainy and Namakan Lake continue to be the full range of their respective rule curves.

The water level targets for Rainy and Namakan Lakes are to maintain water levels in their prescribed rule curves, with no specific band within the rule curves.