Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain

An Application by the Government of Canada for the construction of remedial works on the Richelieu River for the reclamation and protection of lowlands in St. Jean, Iberville and Missisquoi counties in southern Quebec.

A Reference to examine and report on current efforts to address water quality issues in lakes Champlain and Memphremagog, with a particular focus on high phosphorus levels and the proliferation of algal blooms, and to make recommendations on how to improve water quality in both lakes.

A Reference to collect and harmonize data on the topography, bathymetry, aquatic vegetation, soil texture and other features of the Lake Champlain and Richelieu River watershed and to create static flood-inundation maps showing the areas, where data are available, that would be affected at different
A Reference to coordinate initiatives in both countries to reduce phosphorus loading to Missisquoi Bay on Lake Champlain
A Reference to review plans by the State of Vermont to modernize the Alburg-Swanton Bridge, involving the partial removal of the existing causeway, and to provide advice on whether this complies with the terms of the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 as concerns causing pollution to the injury of healt
A Reference to investigate and report on the feasibility and desirability of regulating the flooding of the Richelieu River in Quebec for the purpose of alleviating flooding in the Richelieu River and Lake Champlain.

A Reference to report on the feasibility and economic advantages of improving or developing a waterway from the St. Lawrence River to the Hudson River.

A Reference to investigate the practicability of a deep waterway from the St. Lawrence River to the Hudson River via Lake Champlain. See also Docket 77.
An Application by Canada for Richelieu River flood control works including dredging of the Richelieu River channel and construction of a fixed-crest weir at St. Jean, Quebec.
A Plan of Study in response to a request by Governments that the IJC review and make recommendations regarding a comprehensive study of measures to mitigate flooding and the impacts of flooding in the Richelieu River and Lake Champlain Basin.