Recalling 2011 and 2012 IJC Activities, and Looking Ahead

IJC staff
September 19, 2013

Time flies when you’re a binational agency that advises Canada and the United States on transboundary water issues.

Our latest Activities Report, covering 2011 and 2012, sums up what the IJC was up to in 2011 and 2012.

The report is split into four chapters, on the International Watersheds Initiative, Water Quantity, Water Quality, and IJC Highlights, and covers the work of eight IJC commissioners who served during the two years.

Included are watershed maps; a list of former and current staff at IJC offices in Ottawa and Windsor, Ontario, and Washington, D.C.; and a tally of IJC boards and task forces.

We’re already working on a 2013 summary, to be issued in 2014. For now, you can read the 2011-12 Activities Report in English and French.

The report is a good way to catch up on what’s been accomplished, and what remains to be done to continue a long tradition of binational cooperation between our two countries. And it’s only 14 pages, far fewer than most IJC reports. Enjoy.

Cover page of the IJC Activities Report, 2011-2012.
Cover page of the 2011-2012 Activities Report. Download in English or French (pdf).

IJC staff