Landscape image of Osoyoos Lake

Osoyoos Lake water level now within Rule Curve following spring snowmelt peak


During the spring freshet, the level of Osoyoos Lake crested at 913.65 ft (278.481 m) on June 2 and decreased below the maximum level of the IJC (International Joint Commission) Order of Approval rule curve (912.0 ft) on Saturday July 18. Lake level continues to decrease and the operator of Zosel Dam plans to start regulating outflow from Osoyoos Lake by lowering one or more gates once levels reach 911.8 ft. Zosel Dam gates have been fully open during the spring freshet since May 11. Once regulation resumes, Zosel Dam operators plan to maintain the lake level near 911.7 ft for the remainder of the summer (until September 15). At that point, the level of Osoyoos Lake will be lowered to allowable fall and winter levels in compliance with the IJC Order of Approval rule curve for Osoyoos Lake implemented by the International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control (