Osoyoos Lake High-Water Monument



Project Description

Monuments indicating the historic peak lake level of Osoyoos Lake documented in 1894, 1972, 1974, and 1997 by the U.S. Geological Survey will be constructed at public parks on both sides of the border in Osoyoos, British Columbia and Oroville, Washington. These prominently displayed historic peak-lake levels will provide current residents and visitors to Osoyoos Lake with visible context to understand the effects of current regulation prescribed by the IJC Orders of Approval. Monument design was postponed to include the 2018 high-water mark (fourth highest on record) and the inclusion of 1929-1965 lake elevation records as part of the historical range. These were previously not included in the USGS historical record. The monuments will be installed in the Spring of 2019.  This project is also highlighted in our IWI projects StoryMap here