Section 5: The International Niagara Control Works (INCW)

5.1 What is the INCW?

The International Niagara Control Works (INCW) is a structure constructed at the lower end of the Chippawa-Grass Island Pool, about 0.8 kilometers upstream of the Horseshoe Falls. The INCW spans the Niagara River from the Canadian shore to a point a little over halfway across the Niagara River. It consists of 18 sluice gates.

5.2 What is the purpose of the INCW?

The INCW is used to ensure that sufficient flow passes over the Falls and to control the level of the Chippawa Grass island Pool (GCIP). The level of the CGIP influences how much water is available to be diverted through the tunnels and open cut channels to the hydroelectric facilities in Canada and the United States. The INCW is also used to manage and flush ice from the CGIP and to assist local authorities in responding to emergency situations.

5.3 Who operates the INCW?

The Power Entities, Ontario Power Generation and New York Power Authority operate the INCW.