Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is to provide stakeholders throughout the upper Great Lakes with information on how the International Lake Superior Board of Control (ILSBC, or Board) manages the Lake Superior outflows under the direction of the International Joint Commission’s (IJC) “Orders of Approval” while also ensuring the most equitable distribution of benefits and impacts for all citizens living and working along this magnificent and spectacular watercourse.

These FAQs represent questions that have commonly been asked or address areas where the Board feels that additional information would be useful for the public. The Board would sincerely appreciate your comments and suggestions in order to provide the best information and perspective for you, the citizens of the upper Great Lakes and stakeholders, regarding management of its waters for all interests (Contact Us).

The Board encourages you to visit the International Lake Superior Board of Control Facebook page for more information. It is a great forum to voice your comments and concerns, ask questions, and to learn from questions that others have asked.

This FAQ Site is organized with the following sections:

SECTION 1: Governance and Decision-Making
SECTION 2: Regulation
SECTION 3: Influences on Water Levels and Flows
SECTION 4: Effects of Regulation on Levels and Flows
SECTION 5: Impacts on Various Interests