Interim Advisory Group

To broaden input from the public, stakeholders and Indigenous communities, the International Joint Commission established an advisory group to the Board. Members of the advisory group will provide information and advice directly to the Board to ensure that the Board is aware of potential impacts and fully considers their diverse perspectives.

Members are appointed by the International Joint Commission based on their knowledge of particular regions and interests, as well as their knowledge of the entire Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system.

As a first step, the IJC has appointed a smaller Interim Advisory Group comprised of equal number of members from the United States and Canada. The professional expertise formerly represented on the Board is retained in the Interim Advisory Group. 


United States

  • Jean Aubry-Morin
    Commercial navigation interests
  • Marc Hudon
    Lower St. Lawrence River interests
  • Vacant
  • Robert Campany
    Upper St. Lawrence River interests
  • Diane Kuehn
    Recreation and tourism interests
  • Bill Reilich
    Municipal interests  - Lake Ontario