Outreach Coordinators

Working closely with the Public Advisory Group, the Outreach Coordinators make contact with a variety of interested publics in the watershed, including government leaders, watershed and conservation groups, shoreline property owners and businesses, and those with professional responsibilities for flood management, to:

  • provide information on the purpose and progress of the Study;
  • build a common understanding of the issues related to flooding in the basin; and
  • bring feedback from public, municipalities, and community groups back to the Study Board.

Canadian Outreach Coordinator

image - Andre Champoux

André Champoux spent 27 years as an environmental researcher and manager in Environment and Climate Change Canada, before retiring from the federal government in 2014. 

US Outreach Coordinators

image - John Brodt

John Brodt brings more than 25 years of experience implementing strategic, results-oriented community, employee and customer communications programs.


image - Bill Richmond

Bill Richmond has worked closely with a broad range of clients over the last 20 years. In addition to strategic counsel and project management, Bill analyzes data and trends, and provides market research.