Project highlights - StoryMap

The IWI Projects StoryMap highlights the story of several IWI projects completed by IJC boards since 2015, with new projects being rotated in on a periodic basis!

A StoryMap is a digital narrative used to tell the story of a project, initiative, or other venture using interactive maps, images, videos, and other media (or a combination of content types). Each section of a StoryMap typically contains narrative text with accompanying multimedia content to deliver a visually resonating experience to the reader.

The IWI StoryMap begins with a description of the IWI and its objectives. Projects are then presented and organized from East to West based on their watershed. Each section begins with a description of the basin and associated board and an interactive map of the area. For every project, an overview of its objective and results are presented in the left panel and media content (such as a dynamic map, an image, or a video) accompanies the text in the right panel.