IJC Releases its 2020-2021 Activities Report


The International Joint Commission (IJC) released its 2020-2021 Activities Report, outlining and summarizing the work of the IJC and its boards over the course of those two years.

The IJC was extraordinarily productive over this two-year period, which coincided with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Commission completed a flooding study in the Souris River basin while starting another looking into improving the efficiency of water apportionment in the basins of the St. Mary and Milk Rivers. The IJC welcomed additional Indigenous representation on its boards and advisory committees, and its boards worked alongside Indigenous nations and stakeholders in a variety of projects and studies from the St. Croix River to Osoyoos Lake, and throughout the transboundary Due to international travel restrictions, the IJC and its boards held numerous virtual public meetings and webinars to reach out to people across the transboundary, ensuring local voices and expertise were heard.

In the Great Lakes, the Commission issued the 2020 Triennial Assessment of Progress report on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and completed the first phase of its expedited review of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River regulation plan.

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