The Health Professionals Advisory Board (HPAB) has undertaken a human health review of selenium at the request of the International Joint Commission (IJC) and developed this technical report with the…

The IJC’s Health Professional Advisory Board (HPAB) was created to provide advice to the Commission and its Boards about current and emergent clinical and public health issues in the area of environmental health.

Cyanotoxins are an unfortunate consequences of harmful algal blooms in fresh water systems in both Canada and the United States.

Under Article 7.1 (k) of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the International Joint Commission has a responsibility for “providing to the Parties, in consultation with the Boards established under Article 8, a triennial “Assessment of Progress Report.”

All comments received by the Health Professionals Advisory Board related to their interim Recommended Human Health Indicators for Assessment of Progress on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement report