Seeking Input from Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Residents on 2022 and 2023 Water Level Impacts


The Great Lakes -St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management Committee (GLAM Comittee) released earlier this year a water level impacts questionnaire for 2022 and 2023 to seek input from residents along the Great Lakes and the St. Lawerence River who have been impacted by high or low water levels in 2022 and/or 2023.

The GLAM Committee looks forward to receiving responses that reflect the local concerns of property owners along the diverse shoreline of the upper Great Lakes, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Your input will be used to better understand water level impacts seen in individual communities. The information you share will also help to assess the performance of the regulation plans that are used to manage outflows from Lake Superior and Lake Ontario.

Report on 2022 Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River water level impacts here:

Report on 2023 Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River water level impacts here:

For more information on the questionnaire please visit:

Quick Facts

  • The GLAM Committee was established by the International Joint Commission (IJC) in 2015 to examine the effectiveness of the existing rules for regulating the outflows from Lake Superior and Lake Ontario.
  • The Committee is charged with looking at the impacts of past, present and potential future weather and climate conditions on water levels and outflow regulation, and how these factors affect socio-economic and environmental outcomes throughout the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system.

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Please reach out to the Committee through if you would like more information.