Monitoring of Lake Ontario coastal wetland habitat in support of adaptive management - 2017


Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Project Description

This project is a continuation of ongoing GLAM efforts to collect data to support model validation and will result in detailed vegetation community data referenced to elevation and seasonal water levels in 16 Lake Ontario coastal wetlands. The collected data will augment existing datasets from previous monitoring undertaken by CWS-ON at Canadian wetland sites between 2006 and 2016. Outcomes at a recent wetlands experts workshop organized by the GLAM, included recommendations to continue field monitoring so that the vegetation model (developed using vegetation data influenced by Plan 1958D) could be refined to better model vegetation communities under Plan 2014. In addition, recommendations from workshop will be used to refine the monitoring strategy (including study site locations) for the coming year, with involvement from Canadian and U.S. partners. Data collected through the current proposal, as well as data collected through the upcoming US supported monitoring and through previous U.S. and Canadian monitoring will collectively contribute to future model verification activities as part of the GLAM Committee effort.