On March 8, 2024 the Governments of Canada and the United States provided a reference that incorporates a proposal developed in partnership with the Ktunaxa Nation to the International Joint Commission to carry out certain actions addressing the impacts of transboundary water pollution in the Elk-Kootenai/y Watershed.  

These actions include assisting in the establishment of a collaborative governance body that will, among other things, develop and report on an action plan to reduce and mitigate the impacts of water pollution in the Kootenai/y watershed in order to protect the people and species that depend on this vital river system. Further actions include: convening an IJC study board comprised of experts and knowledge holders to conduct and synthesize transparent and coordinated transboundary knowledge sharing on contaminants of concern; areas and water and ecological resources affected; and trends. The study board will seek opportunities for public engagement. 

The actions are outlined in the documents below: