Fall Public Input Webinar Series: Reflections on Great Lakes Water Quality Progress


As part of its responsibilities under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the International Joint Commission (IJC) seeks public input on the Canadian and US governments' 2022 Progress Report of the Parties (PROP).

In the fall of 2022, the IJC will host a series of public webinars to receive public comment. Links to register for these webinars are below:


Following a brief IJC presentation, participants will be asked to provide their input by responding to a series of discussion questions:

1. Understanding the current reality: What Great Lakes topic(s) or area(s) are most relevant or important to you? What kinds of progress or changes are you seeing happening? What kinds of progress or changes are you not seeing happen?

2. Gathering knowledge and building on strengths: What needs to be explored further or understood better to make progress or changes to Great Lakes water quality? How and what can we learn from the efforts being made by Canadian and US federal governments? Who else needs to be involved in governments' Great Lakes water quality programs?

3. Opportunities moving forward: Where are there opportunities to change or improve governments' Great Lakes programs or activities to enhance water quality progress? Where do resources need to be prioritized? If you had a magic wand and unlimited resources, what would you do for Great Lakes water quality?

The feedback received will be considered by the IJC to inform its 2023 Triennial Assessment of Progress Report. For more information, visit: ijc.org/en/2022-Great-Lakes-Progress-Input


International Joint Commission, Great Lakes Regional Office
100 Ouellette Ave., 8th Floor
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