2003 News Releases

September 02 IJC Honors Dr. Jan Ciborowski with 2003 Biennial Award for Great Lakes Science
August 21 IJC invites public to participate in Biennial Meeting
August 15 IJC Assists in Electrical Emergency
July 23 IJC Open House to discuss Duck Lake Dykes
May 22 International Joint Commission Assists in Hydropower Emergency
May 14 International Joint Commission Makes Recommendations on Government Cleanup Efforts in the St. Lawrence River Area of Concern
May 1 IJC reviews progress to restore Great Lakes Areas of Concern
April 24 IJC to host news conference on progress to restore Great Lakes Areas of Concern
March 18 IJC authorizes peaking and ponding in St. Marys River for an additional year
March 5 IJC commends introduction of National Aquatic Invasive Species Act
February 10 IJC announces review of Duck Lake Order and invites comment
January 23 IJC extends public comment period on water uses in Great Lakes basin
January 23 IJC invites comment on proposal to extend authority for peaking and ponding operations in St. Marys River
January 13 IJC invites comment on decision authorizing outflow reductions from Duck Lake
January 9 IJC seeks comment on Air Quality Progress Report
January 3 International Joint Commission to Hold Hearings on Water Uses in the Great Lakes

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