2002 News Releases

December 19 IJC Releases Report on 2002 High Water Events in Rainy/Namakan Basin
December 3 Irene B. Brooks assumes duties as IJC Commissioner
December 3 Allen I. Olson assumes duties as IJC Commissioner
November 18 Agencies Take Emergency Action To Defend Against Asian Carp Invasion
October 23 Reports by Canada's Commisioner of the Environment and the U.S. General Accounting Office Confirm Recent Findings of the International Joint Commision on Alien Invasive Species
October 3 IJC Funds Testing of Potential Second Barrier to Stop Asian Carp
September 12 IJC releases its Eleventh Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality
August 7 IJC ends authority to reduce Namakan Lake outflows
July 16 IJC Releases Report Card on Transboundry Air Quality
July 11 Asian carp threaten Great Lakes warns IJC
June 27 IJC authorizes reductions in Namakan Lake outflows
June 20 IJC Releases Niagara River Area of Concern Status Assessment
June 19 IJC Monitors Rainy Lake Flooding
June 12 IJC acts to mitigate flooding in Rainy watershed
April 18 IJC Releases Report on Environmental Effects of Peaking and Ponding Operations in the St. Marys River
April 8 Dennis L. Schornack assumes duties as U.S. Section chair
April 2 IJC releases Upper Great Lakes Plan of Study
March 18 IJC authorizes peaking and ponding in St. Marys River for one year
March 6 International Joint Commission Reviews Cleanup Plans for Eleven Areas of Concern
March 5 IJC releases report on Peaking and Ponding in St. Marys River and invites comment on proposed decision
January 30 The Great Lakes Water Quality Board's review of the Canada-United States Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy
January 17 Right Hon. Herb Gray appointed to the Canadian Section of the IJC

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