2001 News Releases

December 20, 2001 IJC public hearings to examine impacts of peaking and ponding in St. Marys River
December 6, 2001 IJC considers public comments from Rainy-Namakan Basin
November 5, 2001 Public Meeting on IJC Activities in Rainy-Namakan Basin
October 17, 2001 Public Consultation Meeting on IJC Upper Great Lakes Plan of Study
September 17, 2001 IJC appoints team to plan Upper Great Lakes Study
September 4, 2001 IJC Invites Comment on a Proposed Directive for a Combined Rainy Board
July 20, 2001 The IJC and GLFC call for further action to prevent aquatic species from invading Great Lakes
July 12, 2001 IJC Appoints new Great Lakes Regional Office Director
June 15, 2001 IJC announces public meetings on draft directive for proposed review of water levels regulation in upper Great Lakes
June 5, 2001 Notice about high water levels on Rainy and Namakan Lakes
June 2, 2001 Public Consultation Meeting of the International Saint Lawrence River Board of Control
May 7, 2001 Public Meetings of the International Red River Board
March 23, 2001 International Joint Commission Begins Environmental Status Assessment of the St. Lawrence River and Schedules Public Meeting
February 12, 2001 Notice of Annual Public Meeting: Regulation of Rainy and Namakan Lakes
February 05, 2001 IJC invites comment on progress under Canada-U.S. Air Quality Agreement
January 30, 2001 IJC releases consolidated Order for Rainy and Namakan Lakes
January 03, 2001 Canada confirms funding of study to review regulation of Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River levels and flows

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