1998 News Releases

December 22, 1998 IJC Invites Public Comment on Proposed Projects in Niagara River
December 1, 1998 Air quality issues must be addressed by the United States and Canada in a comprehensive and integrated manner
November 23, 1998 IJC to Further Examine Watershed Approach
November 9, 1998 International Joint Commission Reviews Cleanup Plan for Nipigon Bay
October 6, 1998 International Joint Commission Hosts Symposium on the Black River
September 23, 1998 Council of Great Lakes Research Managers Hosts Public Meeting in Ann Arbor
September 21, 1998 The Great Lakes Science Advisory Board Hosts Public Meeting on the Grand Calumet Area of Concern
September 17, 1998 IJC Outlines Further Efforts for Addressing Red River Basin Flood Preparedness
August 25, 1998 Lake Ontario Outflows Set to Provide Relief from Low Levels on Lake St. Lawrence
August 21, 1998 International Joint Commission Will Reduce Rainy Lake Outflows
August 10, 1998 IJC Seeks Public Comment on Study of St. Croix River Water Levels and Flows
August 6, 1998 Governments Make Progress In Implementing Red River Flooding Recommendations
July 22, 1998 Ninth Biennial Report
July 7, 1998 IJC Names Dr. Gerald E. Galloway, Jr. as U.S. Section Secretary
June 19, 1998 Lake Ontario Outflows: Criterion (k) ends
May 20, 1998 International Great Lakes Community to Meet in Milwaukee to Discuss Great Lakes Water Quality at 1999 Biennial Forum of the International Joint Commission
April 24, 1998 International Joint Commission Asks the United States and Canada to Mandate Sulfur Content of Gasoline at Current California Standards
April 3, 1998 Reductions in Lake Ontario Outflows Made to Relieve Downstream Flooding
March 25, 1998 International Joint Commission Releases Special Report on Pollution Cleanup Efforts in Great Lakes Areas of Concern
March 5, 1998 IJC Report Calls for Regular Government Inspection of Dams
February 19, 1998 IJC Task Force Inventories Radionuclides in the Great Lakes Basin
February 3, 1998 International Joint Commission Seeks Relief for Shoreline Communities in Setting Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Flows
January 26, 1998 Red River Basin Public Meetings
January 22, 1998 Heavy Rains and Ice Affect Regulation of Lake Ontario Outflows
January 12, 1998 Report on Red River Flooding Calls For Improved Canada-U.S. Coordination

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