1997 News Releases

November 3, 1997 The International Joint Commission Looks Ahead
October 20, 1997 Detroit River Area of Concern Status Assessment
September 19, 1997 Public Meetings Scheduled to Discuss Proposal to Fine Tune Regulation of Lake Ontario Outflows
September 16, 1997 IJC Conference on Human Health and Aquatic Life Effects of Toxic Substances
September 12, 1997 Water Quality Board Public Meeting, Thunder Bay, Ontario
September 12, 1997 Council of Great Lakes Research Managers Public Meeting, Niagara Falls, Ontario
September 9, 1997 International Joint Commission Names International Red River Task Force
August 18, 1997 International Joint Commission Ends Criterion(k) Operations for Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Flows
July 4, 1997 International Joint Commission to Establish Task Force to Investigate Red River Flooding
June 30, 1997 International Joint Commission appoints James T. Bernier to the International St. Lawrence River Board of Control
June 12, 1997 IJC Workshop on Contaminated Sediment
May 16, 1997 St. Lawrence Conditions Limit Lake Ontario Outflows
May 16, 1997 IJC Examines Red River Flooding
May 9, 1997 Fulfilling the Promise Video
March 17, 1997 Outflows from Lake Ontario Set Records
February 7, 1997 Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Flows Increased
January 17, 1997 IJC Seeks Relief for Shoreline Communities

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