An Invitation to Comment on the 1998 Progress Report of the Air Quality Committee under the Canada-United States Air Quality Agreement

The International Joint Commission invites public comment on progress by the United States and Canada in reducing transboundary air pollution under the 1991 Agreement on Air Quality. The Commission will provide a synthesis of the comments to the two governments and the public as directed by the Agreement.

The Governments of the United States and Canada signed an Agreement on Air Quality on March 13, 1991. The purpose of the Agreement was to establish a practical and effective instrument to address shared concerns on transboundary air pollution. The 1998 Progress Report reviews acid rain control programs, monitoring, prevention of air quality deterioration and visibility protection, notification of significant transboundary air pollution, cooperation on ground-level ozone and particulate matter, and scientific and technical cooperation.

Under the terms of the Agreement, the Governments established a bilateral Air Quality Committee. This Committee is responsible for reviewing progress made in the implementation of the Agreement, preparing and submitting periodic progress reports to the Governments, referring each progress report to the International Joint Commission, and releasing those reports to the public. The 1998 Progress Report of the Committee is now available and may be obtained from:

Acid Rain Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mail Code: 6204J
401 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20460
Acid Rain Hotline: (202)564-9620
Environment Canada
Inquiry Centre
351 St. Joseph Blvd.
Hull, Quebec
K1A 0H3
(819) 997-2800

The full report is also available at the following sites on the World Wide Web:

Under the Agreement, the Governments assigned the International Joint Commission the responsibility of inviting comments on each progress report of the Air Quality Committee. The International Joint Commission invites comment on any aspect of the 1998 Progress Report. Please send comments in writing by February 26, 1999, to either address below, or contact us if you have any questions about the comment process.

International Joint Commission
United States Section
1250 23rd Street, NW
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20440
Telephone: (202) 736-9000
Fax: (202) 736-9015
International Joint Commission
Canadian Section
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Ottawa, ON K1P 5M1
Telephone: (613) 995-2984
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