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September 5, 2008

IJC provides its views on the regulation of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River to the governments of Canada and the United States

After considering the public comment on the International Joint Commission’s proposal regarding the future regulation of water levels and flows on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, and after further deliberation, the Commission provided its views to the Secretary of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs in a letter dated September 4, 2008. The letter is one step in the ongoing consultations between the Commission and the governments of Canada and the United States, and through the federal governments, with the provinces of Quebec and Ontario and the State of New York. The Commission is seeking the concurrence of both federal governments before arriving at a decision. The Commission looks forward to further consultations and working with all parties to develop a solution that is in the best interests of the entire Lake Ontario–St. Lawrence River basin.

The International Joint Commission prevents and resolves disputes between the United States of America and Canada under the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty and pursues the common good of both countries as an independent and objective advisor to the two governments.



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