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February 15, 2008

International Joint Commission schedules release of
proposed new Order and Plan

The International Joint Commission (IJC) said today that a proposed new Order of Approval and Plan to regulate water levels and flows of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River through the Moses-Saunders Dam at Cornwall, Ontario, and Massena, New York, will be announced on March 31, 2008, jointly in Washington, Ottawa and on the Web.

At that time, the Commission will release a complete package of materials on the proposed new Order and Plan and a full calendar of information sessions and public hearings.

Since completion of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study, the Commission has deliberated on the regulation options contained in the report as well as comments from the public on the Study Board report. The Commission has also consulted with the governments of the United States and Canada.

Before making a decision, the Commission will consider public comment and seek the concurrence of the two federal governments.

The International Joint Commission prevents and resolves disputes between the United States of America and Canada under the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty and pursues the common good of both countries as an independent and objective advisor to the two governments.

In particular, the Commission rules upon applications for approval of projects affecting boundary or transboundary waters and may regulate the operation of these projects.


Washington Frank Bevacqua 202-736-9024
Ottawa Greg McGillis 613-947-1420

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