Thursday, December 13, 2007

First-year results released on parasites and pathogens of fish from Devils Lake, Sheyenne River, Red River and Red River delta

The International Joint Commission today released a summary report prepared by its International Red River Board (the Board) on Parasites and Pathogens of Fish from Devils Lake, Sheyenne River, Red River, and the Red River Delta. Report for the Fall 2006 Program. This summary report represents the first results from a three-year sampling program to establish a base line monitoring program for the Devils Lake and Red River basins.

In the Board’s view, the results presented in the summary report should not be used to draw any definitive conclusions at this time. The second year of the three-year sampling program is well underway for 2007/2008, and the Board anticipates completing the third year of the sampling program in 2008/2009. A risk assessment will be performed once the third year of the sampling program has been concluded.

This sampling program is part of a binational effort developed following a 2005 statement on "Devils Lake Flooding and Ecological Protection" by the United States and Canada, together with North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba. Participants agreed to "work with the International Red River Board, of the International Joint Commission, to develop and implement a shared risk management strategy for the greater Red River Basin, involving an early detection and monitoring system for water quality and aquatic nuisance species throughout the Basin.".

The summary report is available online at:


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