September 10, 2007

IJC extends consultation period with governments on New Regulation Plan for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River water levels and flows

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Ottawa and Washington: September 10, 2007 – The International Joint Commission today announced it will extend the consultation period with governments to allow more time for discussions with governments in the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River basin. As previously announced, the Commission is consulting with the Canadian and United States federal governments. In collaboration with the federal governments, the Commission is also consulting with the provinces of Québec and Ontario, and the State of New York, and will consult with First Nations. Initial meetings have been fruitful and further progress is expected to result from additional dialogue.

The announcement of a new draft Order of Approval and Regulation Plan for regulating the outflows from Lake Ontario was originally scheduled for September 17. Because of the extended consultation period, public hearings throughout the basin and public comment period will be rescheduled.


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