International Joint Commission
Canada and the United States

For Release: December 20, 2004

IJC appoints co-chairs to St. Mary and Milk Rivers
Administrative Measures Task Force

The International Joint Commission (IJC) announced today that it has appointed co-chairs to the St. Mary and Milk Rivers Administrative Measures Task Force. The co-chairs are Ross Herrington, senior water policy advisor to the Environmental Policy Branch of Environment Canada, Prairie and Northern Region and Daniel Jewell, area manager, Montana Area Office, Bureau of Reclamation. Both were appointed to serve on the task force in their personal and professional capacities and not as representatives of their agencies. Other task force members will be announced when they are appointed.

On December 2, 2004, the IJC decided to establish the task force in order to examine whether the existing administrative procedures can be improved to ensure more beneficial use and optimal receipt by each country of its apportioned waters within the terms of the 1921 Order. Prior to establishing the task force, the IJC held public meetings in July 2004 in light of a request by the Governor of Montana that the IJC review its 1921 Order.

The St. Mary River flows north from Montana into Alberta and the Milk River criss-crosses the Canada-U.S. border between Montana, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The IJC was established under the boundary waters treaty to help prevent and resolve disputes over the use of waters shared by the United States and Canada. Under Article VI of the treaty, Accredited Officers appointed by the two countries measure and apportion the waters of the St. Mary and Milk rivers in accordance with the IJC's order. More information is available online, including the directive to the Task Force and public comment pertaining to the St. Mary and Milk rivers, at


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