Volume 20, Issue 1, 1995
March/April 1995

The International Joint Commission is an independent international organization established under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Its purpose is to help prevent disputes over use of waters shared by Canada and the United States and to provide advice on questions of mutual concern when requested by the two federal governments. Three members are appointed by the President of the United States, with advice and approval of the Senate, and three by the Governor-in-Council of Canada, on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Claude Lanthier
Canadian Section Chair

Gordon W. Walker
James A. Macaulay
Thomas L. Baldini
U.S. Section Chair

Susan Bayh
Alice Chamberlin



How Clean is Clean?

Having posed the question, this issue of Focus presents articles illustrating that the job of restoring and maintaining ecosystem health is never done. We applaud the Collingwood Harbour community, not only for being first to clean up a Great Lakes Area of Concern, but for continuing its efforts to keep the watershed healthy.

The exotic species update points out that additional steps are also needed just to reduce the influx of exotic species to the Great Lakes ecosystem. But preventive action is justified, because such organisms cannot be eradicated once they become established, and reactionary measures are costly and largely ineffective. Two perspectives on the zero discharge philosophy raise strategic questions, and our closing article proposes that cleaner automobiles may help move us toward a sustainable economy.

This issue of Focus also introduces what the staff hope is a more inviting and readable format. In response to suggestions made in last year's reader survey, we will strive to include more specific information on cleanup activities and trends, and focus on Remedial Action Plans, new scientific findings and environmental education. Your suggestions for articles are welcome and your feedback would be highly valued.

FOCUS Staff:

Sally Cole-Misch, Executive Editor
Frank Bevacqua, Managing Editor
Bruce Jamieson, Graphic Artist
Marie Terrien, Conseil de rédaction
Bev Croft, Columns Editor
Geoffrey Thornburn, Perspectives Editor

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