T he Health Effects Review is a quarterly review and summary of the scientific literature on human health effects and environmental pollutants. Prepared under the direction of the Health Professionals Task Force of the International Joint Commission, emphasis is on pollutants within the Great Lakes ecosystem.

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Following is a list of Health Effects Review newsletters:

Health Effects and Climate Change along the Canadian-US Border Region-Vol 4. Issue 1 Download Document (PDF/1.8MB/ 2pgs.)
Phthalates -Vol. 3 Issue 4    Download Document  (PDF/0.6MB/2 pages)
Studies Reviewed
Hazardous Waste Sites and Human Health - Vol. 3 Issue 3     Download Document   (PDF/0.58MB/2pages)


Studies Reviewed
Environmental Organochlorine Exposure & Risk of Breast Cancer - Vol. 3 Issue 2 Download Document   (PDF/0.58MB/2 pgs)
Studies Reviewed
Great Lakes Critical Pollutants - Vol. 3 Issue 1 Download Document (PDF/0.61MB/2 pgs.)
Organochlorine Residues in Normal and Diseased States
Occupational Aldrin Exposure, Enzyme Induction, and Genotoxicity
Mortality Studies of Organochlorine Manufacturing Workers
Airborne Particulate Matter - Vol. 2 Issue 4 Download Document   (PDF/0.59MB/2 pgs.)
Particulate Matter Terms
Community Health Studies
Airborne Particles in the US and Canada
Biological Mechanisms for PM Effects
Great Lakes Human Health Studies: Neurobehavioral Effects - Vol. 2 Issue 3  Download Document   (PDF/0.59MB/2 pgs.)

G. L. Human Health Effects Research Programs Studies Underway
Preliminary Findings From Great Lakes Health Research
Observations From Studies of Wildlife

Immunotoxicology - Vol. 2 Issue 2  Download Document   (PDF/0.55MB/2 pgs.)

Recent Wildlife studies
Developmental Immunotoxicology
Environmental exposures
Occupational exposures
Great Lakes Basin
Environmental Radionuclides - Vol. 2 Issue 1  Download Document   (PDF/0.61MB/2 pgs.)

Exposure studies
Low-level exposure studies
High-level exposures
Risk assessment
Microbiological Water Pollution - Vol. 1 Issue 7  Download Document   (PDF/0.55MB/2pgs.)

Infectious diseases in Great Lakes region
Environmental exposure surveys
Other issues - Antibiotic resistance, Global climate change
Environmental Lead - Vol. 1 Issue 6  Download Document   (PDF/0.55MB/2 pgs.)

Lead in the Great Lakes region
Health effects
Need for continued reduction in lead exposure
Asthma and Air Pollution - Vol. 1 Issue 5  Download Document   (PDF/0.56MB/2 pgs.)
Criteria pollutants
Airborne allergens
Toxic air pollutants
Indoor environmental factors
Interactive effects
Methyl Mercury - Vol. 1 Issue 4  Download Document   (PDF/0.57MB/2 pgs)

Introduction and Risk Assessment Cohort Studies
Canadian Cree Indian Cohort Study
Faroe Islands Study
New Zealand Study
Seychelles Child development Study
Exposure studies
Changes in Sperm Count and Function - Volume 1 Issue 3

Estrogenic Effects of Environmental Chemicals