Vessel 39

Home Port Burlington, Vermont
Institution University of Vermont
Address Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center
326 Aiken Center
Burlington, VT 05405
Contacts Richard Furbush
Tel 802 656-2696
Fax 802 656-8683
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Length (ft.) : 45
Beam (ft.): 16
Draft (ft.): 6
Date Constructed: 1987
Speed (knots): 12
Hull type: fiberglass - modified commercial work boat
Displacement (tons): 19

Crew Size (including Captain): 2
  Science officer in crew? N
Crew provides shipboard science support? Y
Number of scientists vessel can accommodate: 25 passengers CG-certified
Vessel Field Season: From April to November
Number of Operational Days in Calendar Year 1997: 65
Cruise schedule finalized in: ongoing
Vessel time made available to outside researchers: Y ( 5 %)
Time made available on:
  a) charter/contract basis? Y
  Fee charged? ($US per day): $650 acad., $975 private
  b) "payment in kind" basis for example, time on another vessel? N
"Piggyback" sampling by outside researchers permitted when when possible? Y - limited

Navigation and Communications

Radar: Furuno 1800
Loran/GPS: Leica mx-300 DGPS w 50 mx beacon receiver
Radio: ICOM VHF m-80, Motorola UHF 16 channel
Depth Sounders: KODEN 8812 dual frequency 50/200 khz
Other: cell phone, Northstar 800 gps/Loran, Micro Mariner PC-based electronic charting system, sextant

Lift Capacity and Water/Sediment Sampling Equipment

Winches/Cranes: dual single-drum trawl winches w 2000 lb lift capacity, hydraulic A-frame over stern, 2000 lb capacity
CTD's/BT's: SEABIRD Seacat 19 CTD
Niskin Bottles: 2 L Niskin, Wildco beta bottles
Corers: 24 ft piston corer, 3 ft gravity corer
Grabs: std. and mini- Ponar Petersen, Ekman

Lab Space (sq. ft.): 80

Lab Equipment

Electrical Power: 120 VAC, 3.5 KW Genset
Water Supplies:
Refrigerators/Freezers: portable 6 cu ft freezer
Incubators/Water Baths:
Vacuum Pumps:
pH meters:
D.O. meters:
Conductivity: YSI S-C-T
Other: Secchi disc, bucket thermometer

Fish and Plankton Sampling Gear

Trawl Net(s): 24 and 40 ft 3/1 bottom trawls 16 and 45 ft 4 panel midwater trawl
Plankton Nets: 202 and 560 u , 0.5 m diameter
Other: Miller hi speed samplers, 2.5 m Tucker trawl

Meteorological Equipment

Winds Speed/Direction: