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(This section includes Stage of RAP development, Beneficial Use Impairments and their delisting targets, and information on whether the AOC has been accurately mapped.)
Stage of RAP Development: 1

Are electronic maps available that include the AOC's geographic boundaries and associated sources of pollution? No

Beneficial Use Impairments (BUI):
(The BUI will appear underlined if a delisting target has been determined.
If underlined, click on the BUI to display the delisting target.)
Restriction on Fish & Wildlife Consumption
Degradation of Benthos
Restrictions on Dredging Activities
Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption, or Taste & Odour
Degradation of Aesthetics
Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Estimated remaining volume of contaminated sediment within the AOC: Mine tailings

Remediation to Date
Project Name: Amount Remediated: Remediation Cost:
See Other Significant Issues Column

Planned Action Regarding Sediment Remediation
Project Name: Amt. to be Remediated: Estimated Cost:
no information no information no information
Improvements to Wastewater Infrastructure - Dollars Spent:
no information no information

Identified Future Costs for Wastewater Infra. - Dollars Needed:
no information no information
Projects / Proposals / Costs:
Village of Lake Linden installed a fish spawning reef in littoral area of stamp sand
City of Houghton constructed wetlands in submerged stamp sands
Issues, including National Priority List (NPL) sites:
$15,000,000 cleanup of hazardous waste sites completed
Stamp Sands: 200M tons of tailings in Torch Lake (20% of lake's volume). In total, approx. 780 acres of tailings will be remediated by using a soil/vegetation cover.

Estimated cost: $6,100,000; includes annual operating budget of $109,000 for 10 years
Federal: Stephen Hopkins
U.S. EPA Lake Superior Team
515 W. First St., Suite 320
Duluth, MN   55802
(218) 720-5738
State: Sharon Baker
Michigan DEQ
P.O. Box 30273
Lansing, MI   48909
(517) 335-3310
Local / PAC: Dave Jukuri
Torch Lake Area Public Action Council
1100 Century Way
PO Box 97
Houghton, MI   49931
(906) 482-0001

Please Note: Values provided are intended as indicators only, and may not capture all expenditures or work done. Summary is based on best available Information. "No Information" indicates relevant information was not available at time of publication.