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(This section includes Stage of RAP development, Beneficial Use Impairments and their delisting targets, and information on whether the AOC has been accurately mapped.)
Stage of RAP Development: 2

Are electronic maps available that include the AOC's geographic boundaries and associated sources of pollution? Yes

Beneficial Use Impairments (BUI):
(The BUI will appear underlined if a delisting target has been determined.
If underlined, click on the BUI to display the delisting target.)
Restriction on Fish & Wildlife Consumption
* When contaminant levels in fish from the AOC are the same as or less than those in fish from the St. Lawrence river upstream of the Iroquois Dam or when contaminant levels are below consumption guidelines in all fish of species listed in the Guide to Eating Ontario Sportfish.
* When the commercial fishery in the AOC is no longer restricted due to toxic contaminants from sources within the AOC.
* When there is no advisory in effect regarding consumption of snapping turtles from the AOC.
Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Population
* Increase in relative abundance of American coot, least bittern, sort, redhead and yellow perch breeding populations; sufficient to make the populations sustainable. Minimum number of confirmed breeding pairs should be 25 for Virginia rail and American coot; 10 for sort, redhead and least bittern.
* Presence of successfully reproducing osprey in the AOC for a minimum of 5 years.
* Adopt habitat and species targets from the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture 5 Counties Wetlands and Waterfowl Management Plan, once available.
* A return to the sustainable perch population and fishery of the late 1970's-early 1980s.
* For muskellunge, sturgeon, and walleye, the acceptance for implementation of restoration plans by the responsible agencies.
* For tributary communities, the return of a fish community similar to typical non-degraded streams along the St. Lawrence River (Hacek Creek).
Degradation of Benthos
When benthic community structure, diversity and abundance are comparable for sites with similar habitat (sediment grain size, water velocity) in the AOC at locations upstream and downstream of Cornwall industrial and municipal discharges.
Restrictions on Dredging Activities
When appropriate technologies have been identified that will protect against contamination of the river during dredging, transport and disposal of sediment contaminated above the LEL.
Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption, or Taste & Odour
When effective treatment is in place to remove the taste and odour problem in Cornwall drinking water.
Beach Closings
When there have been no beach closures in the AOC for two consecutive years and no reports of St. Lawrence River water in the AOC at concentrations exceeding Provincial Water Quality Objectives (100 E. coli per 100 ml) at locations where water is used for body contact recreation.
Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat
* No reduction in the number or total area of coastal wetlands.
* An increase in the biodiversity of coastal wetlands.
* Wetlands should comprise 7-10% or more of total tributary watershed.
* No loss in area, form or function of provincially significant wetlands.
* A forest cover of 30% in the AOC tributary watersheds.
* Restore forest diversity so that in each subwatershed, 5% (3700 ha) of the forest cover is in mature or old-growth forest (generally trees over 120 years old). An increase in area of mature native forest containing natural densities of cavity trees, tip-up mounds and downed woody debris.
* Establishment in the AOC tributary watershed of forest blocks that are a minimum of 1000 ha in contiguous area, which would represent 10% (7000 ha) of the forest cover in the AOC and would overlap to some degree with those lands with mature forest cover.
* 5% (10,000 ha) of the AOC tributary watershed to consist of forest cover in which forest extends 200 m from the forest edge and has a core area with a minimum size of 40 ha.
* Establishment of sufficient forested corridors connecting forested areas and wetlands to make the natural heritage system in the AOC ecologically sustainable.
* Revegetate (forest or other permanent vegetative cover) 100% of the riverine shores with 5-30 m wide vegetated strips in each of the AOC tributary subwatersheds.
* A net gain in Lake St. Francis of aquatic habitat capable of supporting a biologically diverse fish community.
* Fish communities resemble (in community composition and abundance) those in undegraded streams outside the AOC (there are no undegraded streams in the AOC).
Estimated remaining volume of contaminated sediment within the AOC: no information

Remediation to Date
Project Name: Amount Remediated: Remediation Cost:
no information no information no information

Planned Action Regarding Sediment Remediation
Project Name: Amt. to be Remediated: Estimated Cost:
Cornwall Sediment Strategy no information no information
Improvements to Wastewater Infrastructure - Dollars Spent:
Environment Canada $4,200,000
Ontario $8,000,000
Fly Creek stormwater retrofit no information

Identified Future Costs for Wastewater Infra. - Dollars Needed:
Upgrades to Cornwall Sewage Treatment Plant no information
Projects / Proposals / Costs:
2 barriers to fish passage mitigated
Most of the habitat creation projects along Cornwall waterfront are completed
More than $2,000,000 spent on habitat projects
Innovative tile drainage study underway
Non-point source projects: over $1,000,000
Federal: Janette Anderson
Environment Canada
P.O. Box 5050
867 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, ON   L7R 4A6
(905) 336-6277
Provincial: Janet Anderson
Ontario MOE
Eastern Region
133 Dalton Avenue
Kingston, ON
(613) 549-4000 Ext. 2651
Local / PAC: Chantal Whitaker
Raisin River CA
P.O. Box 429
18045 County Road 2
Cornwall, ON   K6H 5T2
(613) 938-3611 Ext. 229

Please Note: Values provided are intended as indicators only, and may not capture all expenditures or work done. Summary is based on best available Information. "No Information" indicates relevant information was not available at time of publication.