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(This section includes Stage of RAP development, Beneficial Use Impairments and their delisting targets, and information on whether the AOC has been accurately mapped.)
Stage of RAP Development: 1

Are electronic maps available that include the AOC's geographic boundaries and associated sources of pollution? Yes

Beneficial Use Impairments (BUI):
(The BUI will appear underlined if a delisting target has been determined.
If underlined, click on the BUI to display the delisting target.)
Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Population
The Blackbird Creek/Jackfish Bay fishery must form part of a balanced and healthy aquatic community.
Fish Tumor or Other Deformities
Degradation of Benthos
* Blackbird Creek can continue to convey mill effluent provided that it does not impair beneficial uses, inhibit indigenous biota, or produce other adverse effects on the ecosystem.
* Discharge of toxins from point sources must be reduced to meet or exceed federal and provincial guidelines.
Restrictions on Dredging Activities
Degradation of Aesthetics
Aesthetic values within the Jackfish Bay AOC must be improved to encourage its use for recreation and to improve its tourism value.
Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Fish habitat and spawning areas in Blackbird Creek and Jackfish Bay must return to a state conducive to healthy fish populations.
Estimated remaining volume of contaminated sediment within the AOC: no information

Remediation to Date: Natural Recovery
Improvements to Wastewater Infrastructure - Dollars Spent:
No wastewater needs identified in the RAP

Identified Future Costs for Wastewater Infra. - Dollars Needed:
No wastewater needs identified in the RAP
Projects / Proposals / Costs:
In 1980s, effluent was diverted from Lake A - recovered as productive wetland
Assessment of mill effluent to determine its impact
Effluent from pulp mill to Blackbird Creek to be remediated
Federal: John Marsden
Environment Canada
4905 Dufferin Street
Downsview, Ontario
(416) 739-4759
Provincial: Patrick Morash
Ontario MOE
435 James St. S.
3rd Floor, P.O. Box 5000
Thunder Bay, ON   P7C 5G6
(807) 475-1271
Local / PAC: no information

Please Note: Values provided are intended as indicators only, and may not capture all expenditures or work done. Summary is based on best available Information. "No Information" indicates relevant information was not available at time of publication.