SUBJECT: Board Meeting Notes, IJC St. Croix International River Board
Date of meeting: August 19, 2003
Location: Calais Motor Inn, Calais, Maine

Don Porteous - U.S. Co-Chair
Bill Appleby - Canadian Co-Chair
Col. Tom Koning - Board member
Ed Logue - Bard member
Bob Lent - Board member
Joan Trial - Board Member
Bill Ayer - Board member
Joe Arbour - Board member
Rudy Koop - staff IJC
Lisa Bourget - staff IJC
Barbara Blumeris - U.S. secretary
Peter Eaton - Canadian secretary (retired)
Peter Johnson - Canadian secretary

  1. Watershed Board Proposal

    Colonel Koning opened discussion by noting that at the IJC semi-annual meeting in Washington, DC in April 2003 the IJC Commissioners requested the Board to consider how the Saint Croix International River Board might move towards becoming an International Watershed Board. Board members broadly discussed the Watershed Board concept. Key points from this discussion included:

    • IJC/Board Jurisdiction - The IJC has specific transboundary jurisdiction for the river only. However, it was recognized that activities or decisions made away from the boundary water area might affect the water quality and quantity of the boundary waters.

      The IJC does not desire to establish a new Board but to perhaps broaden the existing Board's view. The IJC is interested in finding out the Boards' opinion as to how they might function more effectively in the watershed.

    • Existing watershed entities - The Board recognized that there are groups with the watershed that currently provide a watershed view for the Basin. The Board would like to work closely with existing stakeholder groups to draw upon and complement existing programs in the basin.

    • Resources - the Board recognized that expanding the Board's role in the watershed would require increased resources. Board decided to defer this topic until the concept was more clearly defined.

    • Tentative Role for IJC St. Croix Board - After some initial discussion, possible roles for the Board, operating in a watershed context, emerged in the following areas:
      • a facilitator of communication; possibly a role in facilitation of periodic multi-stakeholder meetings.
      • A conduit for information; possibly providing opportunities for standardized GIS-based environmental and resource information in the watershed.
      • a responsible body thinking into the future and providing education and guidance on issues on both the boundary waters and perhaps extending influence to areas in the watershed beyond the boundary waters.

    • Next Step - Continue discussions of the watershed board concept at the next Board meeting in November. The IJC Commissioners will be invited to attend the November Board meeting.

  2. Re-Issue of Domtar Mill National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit (Ed Logue)

    Ed Logue provided a briefing to the Board on the status of the re-issue of the NPDES permit for the Domtar mill at Woodland. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is hoping to be able to re-issue the permit within the next 6 months. It was mentioned that it might be beneficial to involve the Canadians in the permit discussions and perhaps the Board might facilitate this involvement.

  3. New Canadian Board Member

    Bill Ayer spoke about Sheila Washburn as a potential nominee for the vacant position on the Canadian Board. Ms. Washburn is a professional engineer and businessperson who lives and works in St. Andrew’s during the summer months. Ms. Washburn has considerable experience in working with government at all levels, was president of the Nature Trust in New Brunswick, and currently works in the environmental sector. All agreed that Ms. Washburn was an excellent candidate for the vacant position on the Board.

    Action: Bill Ayer will approach Ms. Washburn to obtain approval to forward her nomination to the IJC. The IJC makes the final selection.

  4. St. Croix 2004 Celebration

    Barbara Blumeris opened the discussion on this item. The celebrations will be taking place June 26 – July 4 2004. To-date, the event is primarily funded at the local level and federal or state/provincial funding is being pursued by the Saint Croix 2004 steering committee. Various suggestions were offered concerning possible IJC participation and support for the event:

    • Hosting a Board public meeting (normally held in August).
    • Requesting IJC providing funds for educational teacher kits for schools. Kits have been developed by the US Park Service and distribution and funding is being organized by the St. Croix International Waterway Commission
    • Developing a brochure or display on the IJC and what it does re: the St. Croix River and putting in a prominent location during festivities.

    Next Steps. 1. Send request letter for teacher kit support to IJC. 2. Gather more information on events that will occur during week and identify a preferred activity for IJC/Board participation.

  5. Next Board Meeting

    The next meeting will be held at the Algonquin in St. Andrew’s for a day and a half on November 5-6.

Meeting Adjourned

Notes prepared by:
Barbara Blumeris - U.S. Secretary to the Board
Peter Johnson - Canadian Secretary to the Board
September 19, 2003