International Kootenay Lake Board of Control
Public Meeting

Prestige Lakeside Resort
701 Lakeside Drive
Nelson, BC

Thursday October 6, 2005
7:30 PM

Anticipated Attendance

  United States Canada
Chair Col. Debra Lewis Kirk Johnstone (host)
Members Kathy Peter Glen Davidson
Secretary Larry Merkle Daniel Millar
Guests Commissioners: Irene Brooks, Jack Blaney

Dr. Mark Colosimo (US Section IJC), Tom McAuley (Engineering Advisor, Canadian Section, IJC), Marian Valentine (USACE), Dan Egolf (FortisBC)

Marc-Andre Beaucher (Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area), Frank Hainsworth (Trail), Gord McAdams (City of Nelson Councillor)


1.   Welcome and introductions

Mr. Johnstone welcomed participants and led introductions by all.
Kirk Johnstone
2.   Review of the agenda Kirk Johnstone
3.   IJC and the Kootenay Lake Orders - context

Mr. Merkle gave a short presentation describing the International Joint Commission its Kootenay Lake Board of Control and the Kootenay Order.
Larry Merkle
3.1     Kootenay Lake levels 2005

Mr. Millar presented hydrographs that depicted water levels on Kootenay Lake during the year. He reviewed the Commission's maximum water level criteria for the lake and noted that FortisBC had successfully maintained levels below the maximum during 2005.
Daniel Millar
3.2     Questions from the public concerning the Kootenay Order and operation of Kootenay Lake in 2005


Marc-Andre Beaucher: Brian Stushnoff recently retired as Area Manager of the Creston Valley Wildlife Authority. I am now acting in that position. In 2005, Duck Lake has been operated elevations similar to that previously required by the IJC Order. The Authority has received no significant complaints from the public about these operations.

Marc-Andre Beaucher: Are lake level forecasts available on line?

Kirk Johnstone: FortisBC forecasts a few days in advance on their web site. The province provides snowpack data and runoff forecasts on line.

Gord McAdams: Locals are 'cautiously optimistic' about the recent operation of the lake. Concerns generally arise when water levels exceed 1752 feet or fall below 1737 feet (or even 1739). Residents have also expressed concern about how VarQ operations will impact the lake. Water quality is an issue, but is considered largely a local matter related to sewage treatment problems. The environmental considerations planned into the Brilliant Expansion Project represent a considerable change in corporate philosophy that deserve compliment.

Frank Hainsworth: Does the Commission involve itself with hydro projects and are there any new projects planned?

Kirk Johnstone; The Commission is involved only in the international aspects of dams, particularly when the dam backs water across the border.

Frank Hainsworth: There is concern about the potential installation of new generation capacity at Libby Dam. New turbines and increased discharge capacity may lead to increased instances of flooding downstream.

Col. Lewis: The Corps has no plans to install additional turbines at Libby Dam in the foreseeable future.
Kirk Johnstone
4.   Adjourn

Mr. Johnstone advised guests that this would be Col. Lewis' final year as the US co-chair of the Kootenay Board. He thanked Col. Lewis and guests, then adjourned the meeting.